Obtains full permits for the construction of a small hydraulic power plant

Sensoria Park-Land of Senses and Magical Forest, has recently obtain from the Government of Costa Rica (SETENA), the permits for the construction and installation of a small hydraulic power plant, in its rainforest natural reserve, using a small creek known as “the Casona creek” to obtain its own electric power.

Sensoria is one of the best one day tours attraction, located on the north part of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, one hour and half from the international Airport of Liberia, in Guanacaste. As part of its investments plan, Sensoria invested in it own electric powerhouse, which is hydro electric and solar energy combined.

Sensoria is proud to be a full eco-sustainable operations, with 100 hectares of preserved Rainforests, by the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, which has 5% of the diversity of Costa Rica, declared by UNESCO as National Heritage of the World. Uses only 1% of the property for tourism, the rest is used for conservation and Research program with the National University of Costa Rica, and it’s Program- Jaguar Research Program. Jaguars and Pumas are well known to live in the National Park. Sensoria, has 10 motion-activated cameras installed in the rainforests, and shows the videos of the Jaguars walking thru its natural surroundings to all tourists that visit Sensoria.

Sensoria obtain its permits and receive it, as recognition of its efforts for the preservation of the eco systems of Rincon de la Vieja, and as eco sustainable operation, with this investment Sensoria becomes the first thematic Park in Costa Rica, to become an off the grid operation, fully reliable on renewable energy.

Sensoria is a CST level 4 operations, just recognized by Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) , one the best levels in Costa Rica, known worldwide for its sustainable practices.

The Park promotes its exotic rainforest with incredible well-maintained trails, blue waterfalls and thermal pools. Also has different kind of tours as: Bird Watching, and Forest Therapy. This last one, with a certified trail, by the National Association of Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in California.

Sensoria have been recognized since 2014, as one of the best ecotourism experiences in Costa Rica, where exotic nature is their best asset. As part of it´s philosophy of sustainable practices, it receives small groups, only with prior reservation, to make the best experience and a high quality of service. Also as sustainable practices, no plastic bottles are sold in the property, and a food is bought from local farmers. A little store inside its Casona sells only handicrafts made by costarican craftsmen.

Sensoria, is also an “Essential” company, Costa Rica Brand, witch represents the best values of Costa Rican companies. All personal is from local towns, and the operations are fully on their hands, with 100% confidence, since the administration offices are 250 kms away in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

All strict protocols for Covid19 are followed by its personal and upon government regulations.

A Costa Rican family owns the property, they have a tradition of loving nature and its surroundings.

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