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The Experience

We’ll greet you with a refreshing tropical drink made just for you. Witness the difference in scenery: as you are suddenly in a lush, tall, green rainforest.

We will then take you hiking through Sensoria’s enchanting jungle trail, bright blue water springs, warm thermal pools, rushing waterfalls and if lucky you’ll to see some of Costa Rica’s famed wildlife.

Come back to the main house and enjoy a delicious lunch, made with our fresh ingredients.

Schedule: Monday - Sunday | Tour starts at 9:30am

Main Tours: ( Land of Senses | Thermal Pools | Forest Therapy )
Price p/ Adult: $125 + 4% tax | Children (6-11 years old): $95 + 4% tax

Bird Watching: Price p/ Adult: $175 + 4% tax

SPA Private VIP Pool: Price p/ Adult - $175 + 4% tax

Jaguar Private VIP Pool & Lounge: Price p/ Adult - $265 + 4% tax

NOTES: Not Recommended for children under 6 years old. Only by reservation. No walks-ins allowed.

Tour includes

Guided Company

Walking Stick & Locker Room Storage

Fruit Snacks

Lunch Included

Entrance Fee

Free Parking

What you should bring

Weatherproof Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Bathing Suit

Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Spare Clothing


Mosquito Repellent

Water Bottle

Details and cancellation policy:

• A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all reservations: any cancellation done within 24 hours of scheduled arrival will be fully charged. • Prices are subject to change. • A liability form must be signed at arrival.

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    Reservation Only. No walks-ins allowed
    Further question: [email protected]
    Send a whatsapp message to (+506) 8955-4971


    Our Recognitions

    OUTSTANDING! Amazing Experience! I want to highlight Pablo and Luis! Pablo was our private chofer and tour guide! Luis was our tour guide as well and photographer! I just have to say WOW! Thank you both for the top notch experience! Highly recommend. Worth the drive! Suggestion to administration: make sure you allocate enough time for pick up to consider the holiday traffic from areas like Tamarindo. Our experience was sooo smooth! Thank you for this amazing experience!
    Natalie M
    Natalie M
    Unforgettable This was the highlight of my trip. One of the best experiences ever, and I’ve travelled to many countries and done many excursions. Our tour guides were amazing and very accommodating. I even lost my wallet in the car, and they brought it back to me the next day. The hike was moderately challenging. There are parts with steps, but the guides were very patient and took many rest stops. There are multiple thermal pools throughout the hike and you end in a private thermal pool with alcohol and appetizers. You have as long as you’d like to enjoy. The hike goes in a big circle so you end 5 mins from the starting point. Dinner is served at the end. The pools are not that deep and you can stand on your tip toes. I would recommend bringing water shoes and a waterproof phone pouch. Book now! It was unforgettable.
    Stephanie A
    Stephanie A
    Pablo and Issac Pablo and Issac were helpful, kind and wonderful on our tour of Sensoria! Thank you guys, we will be back to Costa Rica next year 😊
    Jun D
    Jun D
    Still waiting on a refund I had to cancel my trip to Costa Rica. I had a reservation to Sensoria. I paid several months in advance. I cancelled at least a week prior and assured I would be refunded, but it’s been a month and I still haven’t received my refund yet.
    Donna C
    Donna C
    Great feeling refreshing and safe for swimming This view is amazing and clean water. It is simple walking to the waterfall. We worn the water-shoes for the steps and trails toward the sand
    Srikanth S
    Srikanth S
    Amazing tropical rain forest experience This was one of the best tours we have done. Everyone associated with the tour – the operator, driver, guide were all very courteous and friendly. The rain forest hike was truly amazing – we are from Seattle area and we have wonderful forests but this one was a rich, lush tropical rain forest! The highlight was a nice surprise at the end with the private natural warm water pool, champagne, snacks etc.! We weren’t expecting this and so was such a pleasant surprise and we will remember this. Please do take good rain gear and hiking shoes – it does rain heavily when it rains! Thanks to everyone who put this amazing experience together!
    Exotic, enigmatic and wonderful. I can tell you this; what an amazing place! The walking trails are in good shape and the most important is the experience you would have from natural pools, waterfalls and rain forest. Paulo or diver and tour guide, was amazing, he took over a local town to have a good coffee and then Joaquin our guide was very expert on what this means, we got accessed to the private pools from cool and hot pools. Sensoria it is not an option, it must be at your top of the list. If would like to try the arroz con pollo will be a good pick, however I had the chicken wrap, was good as well.
    Must take this tour! The most incredible experience I’ve ever had. Pablo and Mauricio were our guides and they were amazing. We learned about different plants and wildlife during our hike and had such a relaxing experience in the thermal pools. Lunch was fabulous as well. You must experience this amazing tour if you visit Costa Rica.
    Todd A
    Todd A
    Sensoria is a must see if visiting Costa Rica Sensoria is amazing. We were shown several animals as well as educated on the different foliage. Along the trek we made a brief stop in one of the villages and enjoyed a cafe. There they showed us the coffee making process. Warning, the hike is somewhat strenuous! If you are nursing any sort of injury I would not recommend. However I’m sure they have several options available. Also the drive into the tropical rainforest is rough as you can imagine. Pablo was our transportation and our guide. He has only started speaking English 8 months but knows it very well. He did an excellent job of spoting the smallest of animals (thankfully only baby pit vipers hangout below) and also let us smell the sweetest smelling plants. We made 4 stops to experience waterfalls, mineral baths and hot springs. It was a long day but enjoyed every minute. My Wife and I highly recommend. Pablo, the top speed of a windmill is 170 but normal speed is 120.
    Birthday Celebration We went to Sensoria and thought it was fantastic, particularly our tour guide, Pablo. He was very knowledgeable and incredibly service-oriented. This is amazing given we were his first tour…he has a very bright future!!!
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