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The Experience

We’ll greet you with a refreshing tropical drink made just for you. Witness the difference in scenery: as you are suddenly in a lush, tall, green rainforest.

We will then take you hiking through Sensoria’s enchanting jungle trail, bright blue water springs, warm thermal pools, rushing waterfalls and if lucky you’ll to see some of Costa Rica’s famed wildlife.

Come back to the main house and enjoy a delicious lunch, made with our fresh ingredients.

Schedule: Monday - Sunday | Tour starts at 9:30am

Main Tours: ( Land of Senses | Thermal Pools | Forest Therapy )
Price p/ Adult: $125 + 4% tax | Children (6-11 years old): $95 + 4% tax

Bird Watching: Price p/ Adult: $175 + 4% tax

SPA Private VIP Pool: Price p/ Adult - $175 + 4% tax

Jaguar Private VIP Pool & Lounge: Price p/ Adult - $265 + 4% tax

NOTES: Not Recommended for children under 6 years old. Only by reservation. No walks-ins allowed.

Tour includes

Guided Company

Walking Stick & Locker Room Storage

Fruit Snacks

Lunch Included

Entrance Fee

Free Parking

What you should bring

Weatherproof Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Bathing Suit

Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Spare Clothing


Mosquito Repellent

Water Bottle

Details and cancellation policy:

• A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all reservations: any cancellation done within 24 hours of scheduled arrival will be fully charged. • Prices are subject to change. • A liability form must be signed at arrival.

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    Reservation Only. No walks-ins allowed
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    Our Recognitions

    Dustin R
    Dustin R
    Wonderful! Wow – what an amazing place. We saw sloths, snakes, toucans, and so many beautiful flowers. The hike itself was perfect as well. I love to hike and at first I thought it was going to be too short, but there is so much time spent looking around, swimming in the thermal pools, and learning about the surroundings that I felt satisfied by the time we got back to the main facility. Our tour guide was amazing as well; he was so knowledgeable about different plants, species, and general history of Costa Rica aaaand he was so personal and kind. This place gave me and my new wife an unforgettable experience!
    Juan C
    Juan C
    Bucket list trip!! The entire experience was fantastic; from climbing the treehouse, to enjoying the hot springs and sauna, to the physical nature walk itself…it was one of our bucket list check-offs. We went at the start of the rainy season so a poncho came in handy. Dress in light clothes and light but sturdy walking shoes…stay hydrated!! Lots of flora and fauna throughout the trail…our Guide: Walter of Discova Tours was very informative and spoke English very well. Loved it!!
    Megan W
    Megan W
    Feels like a once in a lifetime experience! It was amazing! The tour guides were full of knowledge and really made the experience by spotting all the animals such as snakes, monkeys and many types of birds. The waterfalls were beautiful with amazing photo opportunities. I would recommend a poncho or rain jacket as it really is a rainforest!
    Robert P
    Robert P
    Sensoria Land of Senses a great experience The Sensoria Land of Senses is a great thing to experience. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and expressed himself extremely well in both French and English. Just keep in mind that the hike is not moderate as we were told, it the has a lot of going ups and downs stairs, some stairs are steep, Which was not expected but we were OK with it. The other thing to keep in mind is this is a transitional rain forest temperature maybe cooler, unfortunately the day we went it was hot and because of the heat we did not see any animals that we were hoping to see. the thermal springs were extremely enjoyable and relaxing after the hike. The meal was excellent no, complaint there. This is full day excursion, leave at 7:30 AM and back after anytime after 5 PM, it is a long bus drive and when the tour guide was joking about a Costarican message, he was talking he was referring to the last 30 to 40 minutes before arriving at the Park, the road is rough and you will be bounced around. If you do not to spend hours on a bus ride this may not be for you.
    Chanita J
    Chanita J
    Perfect Name for the Experience My favorite part of this experience was Walter, our guide. He was so knowledgeable, personable, passionate and patient. I experienced a great deal of natural beauty, learned a lot and highly recommend this tour. Be ready to HIKE —take a little water to wet your mouth. 🙂
    Moyez K
    Moyez K
    Unique and sensational sensoria!!! Unadulterated rain forest full of amazing wildlife ,trees , lagoons, falls and a guide who was able to explain the geography, history ,names and medicinal properties of most of the vegetation . The more than 6 hour hike did not seem long and cumbersome due to the exciting and interesting nature to explore and experience. The guide was very considerate in ensuring a slow pace with frequent rests and dips in the cool lagoons and falls. The trip was perfectly highlighted and topped off by a private session in the Jaguar thermal pool to rejuvenate the mind and body with excellent food, wine and a warm dip in the natural thermal pool surrounded chirping birds, insects and a warm breeze and small of the rain forest. Yes definitely a sensational experience in the land of the senses including the complete mind, body and soul .
    Found a special activity on our 5th Costa Rican vacation. Strongly recommend private tour with guide Kevin Aberto to sensoria. Kevin is very knowledgeable and passionate about the rainforest ecosystem. Kevin began preparing us with pictures and information about the wildlife at Sensoria during the 2 hour ride from Reserva Conchal. After a stop some good coffee, we stored valuables at secure free locker at sensoria and began 7 kilometer guided hike. Kevin was able spot even well camouflaged birds and lizards and helped us to photograph them incuding using a powerful zoom lens he brought. Kevin proved to be a very skilled photographer for both wildlife and for pictures of my wife and I in this beautiful forest setting. Kevin also pointed out many tree and flowering plants. Near the end of the hike we visited 7 waterfalls with pools, swimming in 5 of them including 3 thermal pools. Having finished this amazing hike, we enjoyed a late lunch of tradional food at the main building. Food was very good. This was a perfect day from beginning to end thanks to Kevin and the beautiful sensoria rainforest.
    R P
    R P
    A must!! A must do if you enjoy nature. Perfect day matched with perfect hospitality. The staff go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed.
    david c
    david c
    Indescribable! This is an amazing way to experience Costa Rica’s rain forest. The hiking, waterfalls, swimming, wild life, and scenery are incredible. Kevin was our guide and he also gets 5 stars for his extensive knowledge and personable nature. We highly recommend this excursion!
    Gao J
    Gao J
    We love Sensoria ! Our family had an amazing and magical adventure with our guide Kevin! He is very knowledgeable about all the plants and animals in the rainforest and took great care of all of us ! The rainforest tour at Sensoria is definitely the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica for our family and we would recommend to anyone who travels here with kids but not too young as it is lots of walking ! My kids are 7 and 9 . Thank you Kevin and our friendly driver for an amazing adventure!
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