Sensoria Luxurious Experience

Lounge in the Rainforest in our premium private natural thermal pool.

We’ve created a uniquely private and premium Rainforest Lounge Experience, designed to stimulate your senses to a point of everlasting memories

Our Most Luxurious Experience

Difficulty Level: Low

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Total Duration: 5 hours + Lunch time

starts 9am or 2pm

4WD required

Full Access

Our premium experience grants access to all our waterfalls and pools; from our healing thermals, to our magical blue waterfalls. Design an experience to your own interest and enjoy access to all of our property.

Private Premium Natural Thermal Pool

Enjoy the romantic privacy of our most luxurious pool: La Jaguar thermal natural Pool. Lounge with an on demand butler, surrounded by pristine rainforest; as you delight yourself in an ample thermal pool with a natural water stream.

Premium Menu

Enjoy a gastronomic experience with our premium entree platters, champagne or wine; as you unwind in the rainforest. Dine our Chef-designed premium menu in our main house or at La Jaguar Pool, and please yourself with our highest service.

Main House

You can bathe and change; leave your belongings in lockers as your personal guide gives you instructions and prepares you for your jungle immersion. Your lunch will be ready for you at our dinning room, when you get back from your hike.

Rainforest Observatory Platform

Experience our 75 feet platform, where you can see over the top of the canopy, our rainforest, lake Nicaragua, Rincon de la Vieja National Park, and the majestic Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

** Weather conditions may affect view and limitation of use.

The tour includes

  • Welcome Drink in Sensoria
  • Bilingual Guide in Sensoria
  • Use of walking sticks
  • Entrance Fee (access to all thermals pools, Buenos Aires Waterfall and Aguilar Waterfall)
  • Towels
  • Rainforest platform
  • Chef design menu in the pool or in the casona: “gallina de palo” (chicken with cheese) or Rice with curry and Vegetables, chicken wraps, vegetarian wraps or gluten free salad)
  • Plate of fruits
  • Papaya sauce, Chili’s sauce with focaccia
  • Mix of cheeses
  • Variety of vegetables (Carrots and Celery)
  • Prestiños with homemade honey

What you should bring:


We have ponchos for sale!


Consider a hike!


To bathe in our pools!

Hiking Shoes

Avoid flip flops!


We have changing rooms!


Or rent some from us!


It is a rainforest!


We have refill stations

Ask for our transport services,
which stops by “Marcela’s Bakery”- snacks are included.

Truly Sustainable

We focus Sensoria is efforts towards
sustainability on various levels.

Conservation & Research

We protect and preserve over 100 hectares of pristine rainforest, and use only 1% of our property for our tours. We are part of Programa Jaguar, a research program that studies and monitors the amazing wildlife that roams Sensoria.


As a primary economic operation in a rural area, we provide opportunities for the local community. Committed to safety and research, we collaborate with the scientific communtiy to provide real time data of the Volcano.

Renewable Energy

We are an “off the grid” operation. We rely 100% on solar and hydroelectric energy to power our main house and services.

Family Owned

We are a Costa Rican family-owned operation. It is our pleasure to share our little piece of heaven with you.

The Experience

We create “once in a lifetime” experience for our visitors focusing on offering knowledgeable tours through our pristine rainforest. Our visitors experiences a true sensorial journey: The highlight of their vacations in Costa Rica

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1.5 miles Thermals, 4.5 miles With Waterfalls, Venue in the pool


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