Our Highlight Experience

Explore your senses through our 7km trail attraction. Experience Costa Rica and its unique mid-altitude tropical rainforest, dipping and swiming in out natural and thermal pools, standing small beside centernary trees, and purifying your soul in stunning blue volcanic waterfalls. (Difficulty: Medium to High)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Total Distance: 7 Km

Total Duration: 6 hours

Pilon Thermal Pool

Take a dip in warm, curative volcanic waters. Float away with the canopy above and refresh your spirit as you glance into the forest.

Danta Thermal Pool

Dantas (Tapirs) are excellent indicators of the health of an ecosystem because of their selective habitat requirements, which include a continuous source of fresh water.

Jicara Thermal Pool

This magnificent spot is named after a very special tree: Jícaro de Danto (Parmentiera varelii). This unique tree is endemic to the Guanacaste and Tilarán mountain ranges, meaning it cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

Aguilar Waterfall

This waterfall is rich in silicon, a mineral that dresses the river stones in a smooth white sheet and upon whose reflection the ultraviolet rays of sun produce this magical fluorescent blue color.

Buenos Aires Waterfall

You´ll feel the strength of the fresh wind channeled through the canyon, waving the ferns along the stone walls even when the leaves of the treetops are motionless. Buenos Aires translates to “Good Winds”.

Main House

You can bathe and change; leave your belongings in lockers as your personal guide gives you instructions and prepares you for your jungle immersion. Your lunch will be ready for you at our dinning room, when you get back from your hike.

Delicious Lunch

Enjoy some fine dining after your exuberant hike. Select a meal from our menu with Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten Free and omnivorous options. Enjoy delicious costarican coffee afterwards along with our locally made sweets.

Rainforest Observatory Platform

Ask your guide to take you and let you see the canopy of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, if the day is clear you can see Lake of Nicaragua, and the majestic Rincón de la Vieja Volcano.* (Weather Conditions may limit to ascent to the platform; people who suffer vertigo should not climb).

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    Our Recognitions

    WOW. A gem of an experience This was an absolute highlight of our visit. We did the luxury plus tour and spent the day walking through a rainforest seeing a variety of animals like toucans, snakes, sloths, monkeys, etc. It was spectacular! Our guides Pedro & Issac were wonderful and very knowledgeable. The waterfalls did not disappoint. Thermal pool swimming was my favorite. We had a lovely lunch by one of the pools. We didn’t get to do the lookout tower due to cloud cover, but saw so much else. We were picked up in Tamarindo and one thing I will say is to plan for a 12 hour day if you do this. 6 hours of driving, minimum depending on where you are. We were partially prepared for this, but thought it would be closer to 2 hours. I would suggest saying in Liberia and doing this tour from there to cut down on transit time and fully enjoy the pools and experience more. We might have stayed a little longer if we weren’t facing a 3 hour drive home! But, all in all we are SO happy we did this and if we come back to Costa Rica we will absolutely stay in the rain forest more and explore there more as it was by far the highlight.
    Beautiful place! Our guide, Isaac, was awesome! So knowledgable and friendly! The variety of flora was amazing, but we didn’t get to see as much wildlife as I had hoped. We did see one beautiful tropical bird, 2 small snakes, a basilisk, and some leaf-cutter ants carrying leaves. No monkeys or sloths. When you arrive, they have changing rooms, and they tell you to change into your swimsuit and wear clothes on top. Then they offered like 3 or 4 different opportunities to swim, during the hike. I wish I had not worn tight athletic pants. They were such a pain to keep taking off and putting on in a super humid environment. Bring your most comfortable swimsuit, a towel, water shoes, sunscreen and bug spray. Wear loose-fitting and lightweight pants, and comfortable hiking or walking shoes. It’s tempting to just wear quick-dry shorts, but the bugs will eat you alive, so wear pants. Since it’s a rainforest, I debated getting waterproof hiking shoes, but ended up just wearing my Nike’s, and it was totally fine. I think it always rains in the afternoon, so they just do tours in the morning, and then it will rain on your drive back.
    Marlon U
    Marlon U
    Such a great experience! Me and my girlfriend had an amazing experience! It was truly amazing having both Isaac and Johnny accompany and share this experience with us! They were wonderful and have great personalities.
    Great hike through the rainforest! Joaquin, our guide was amazing! He explained all about the eco system and animals of the rainforest. We swam in some waterfalls and beautiful thermal pools! The food and drinks were really good and the rainforest was beautiful! We saw 2 beautiful eyelash vipers!
    Danielle B
    Danielle B
    Rainforest hike and volcanic pool swims This place is beautiful. We saw tonnes of wildlife and the guides are incredible at picking it out. The pools are beautiful too. We also love the eco credentials and ethics of the place!
    Jana Elsa Muriel
    Jana Elsa Muriel
    A mini paradise on Mother Earth For me personally, since I love the rainforest and the waterfalls, the absolute highlight of our trip. It costs a little to get there but it is worth it more than a thousand times over. The pristine forest filled with streams and carefully maintained pools is a true wonder. Our guide Eri was perfect and very empathetic. Thank you very much for spoiling us!
    Adventure after an adventure We drove rather than taking the shuttle and that added some extra adventure. The roads are largely dirt and rocks for much of the way and you will think you are lost, but it is worth it. The waterfalls and pools are amazing. The hike is not for those not in shape, but the rainforest is incredible and you get a view of the volcano from a platform above the canopy. The chicken and rice meal was also surprisingly good and make sure you try their coffee.
    PJ A
    PJ A
    Sensoria Rainforest is a beautiful protected area of Costa Rica We had a very good time at Sensoria. The rainforest, waterfalls and scenery were beautiful. Our guide was a bit quiet but helpful and accommodating. We saw two waterfalls and were able to walk in them. The volcanic soils create the most clear and blue water we have ever seen. There were two plunge pools we were allowed to go in, as well as one thermal pool. Unfortunately the only wildlife we saw were some exotic birds and snakes (poisonous!). The property is in a type of land trust so it will not be disturbed with development, and they have motion cameras showing the wildlife within the park. The one downside is the ride to and from – horrible roads, very rough ride.
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