The most exclusive property booking

Sensoria, all its pools, all its waterfalls, all its trails and all our staff, just for you. We offer an exclusive booking of our entire property for you leisure and enjoyment. Invite your, loved ones, friends or business associates to live the most fascinating and life-changing experience; privately enjoying all our attractions.

Pristine Rainforest

Glance over the endless rainforest from our Observatory Platform and enjoy the sight of our property, reserved just for you.

Main House

Our Main House, bathrooms, industrial kitchen and hands on service from our staff will be open and at it for your visit, to fulfil your needs.

Get off the radar

Not a soul in sight during your exclusive retreat to our property. Over 100 hectares of private rainforest reserve, protected wildlife, off the grid energy, wonderful staff and your very own adventure.

Jaguar VIP Private Pool & Lounge

Immerse yourself in our new VIP Private Pool & Lounge: ‘La Jaguar’. Top this private thermal pool with specialized meals, Champagne and the best rainforest scenery in our property.

All attractions, all for you

Every pool and attraction will be available for your enjoyment. Delight yourself along the natural wonders of Sensoria and live a dreamlike experience.

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